Problem Feet

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Problem Feet

Corns and Callus

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If you’re suffering with foot pain, have nail problems or hard skin, corns, verrucae or mild ingrowing toenails, then a visit to Absolute Health should get you back on your feet in no time!

Our qualified chiropodists (podiatrists) can address most foot health difficulties, providing one-off or regular treatment. Diabetic foot checks are available when needed.

Chiropody treatment will ensure your toenails are cut and filed professionally, callus and corns are removed, leaving your feet feeling more comfortable and your step lighter.

Our Osteopaths can provide a basic biomechanical assessment to check if your foot function needs improving. Standard orthotics (made to fit your foot) can be ordered, or 'off the shelf' insoles may be more suitable.

Absolute Health offers a range of foot care creams including heel and foot balm, fungal nail treatments, and wart removal.


1st session – £46

Follow-up sessions – £36

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